Sept. 5, 2012

Climate Change in the Great Plains

This conference will advance the K-State conversation about climate change, its impacts and our opportunities as a university and higher education community for working in this area.

Student Union, Kansas State University, Manhattan KS.



Welcome to the website for the

Central Great Plains Climate Education Partnership.

The partnership is a combination of regional university entities as well as additional partners interested in how climate variability and climate change will impact agriculture and rural communities.  In particular, the partnership seeks partners representing agricultural and rural communities.


Partnership activities are funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation and will focus on engaging agricultural and rural stakeholders throughout the State of Kansas over a two year period to identify educational needs in the central Great Plains to enable rural stakeholders to best adjust to future climate scenarios that may affect agriculture, rural families, and livelihoods. At the conclusion of the two-year effort, the partnership will propose new educational programs for funding from NSF and other relevant funding opportunities to meet the needs identified through its engagement with agricultural and rural stakeholders.


If your organization would be interested in joining the conversation or partnership, please contact Ben Champion (, the principal investigator of the effort and director of sustainability at K-State.

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